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Camp Nightmare

Abandoned Home

The year is 1985. You and your friends are camp counselors at the long-running Camp Greenbrier. However, there's a masked killer in the woods, Billy Creed. Billy is on a murderous rampage, but now, HE HAS CUT THE PHONE LINE! Will you be able to restore power and call for help in time? This room isn't for the faint-hearted. THIS ROOM IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 10. 

Difficulty 9/10
Minimum # of players 2
Wheelchair Accessible
Success Rate 10%

ST ELMO Room Posters.png

1st Place
Time Remaining: 7:00
Team: Wee Woos



2nd  Place
Time Remaining: 5:54
Team: CRAZY B*$@!@#



3rd  Place
Time Remaining: 4:36
Team: Shakur's


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