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Wild West Prison Breakout

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The year is 1886. You and your notorious gang of outlaws were captured while robbing the St. Elmo bank! You all have been sitting in jail, plotting your escape! It's 11:00 a.m., however, and you have to meet the judge at noon! But, one of your gang members that wasn't captured, has caused a distraction on the outskirts of town! This has lured away the Sheriff and all of his deputies! You have one hour to break out of jail, or else, it's high noon!


Difficulty 7/10
Minimum # of players 2
Wheelchair Accessible
55% Success Rate

1st Place
Team: Crazy B@!#$%$
30:51 Remaining
2nd Place
Team: MAX
30:48 Remaining
3rd Place
Team: Super Rad
30:18 Remaining
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