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NEW ROOM Alert! We are proud to announce our new room, Expedition Lost Treasure! It's a br

Max # of players: 8
Difficulty: 6/10
Completion Rate 70%
75% of room is wheelchair accessible


Expedition: Lost Treasure takes you on a pirate's adventure! Your group takes on the role of treasure hunters who have found the lost ship, "The Thrasher". It went missing over 300 years ago, along with its Captain, Samuel Bones. It's rumored that there's a lot of treasure on board, and it's your job to find it! You manage to find the ship, however, so does your competition! You only have an hour head start to locate the treasure, before they come and steal it for themselves!

image000000 (2).jpg

First Place
40:35 Remaining
Team: Folsom Prison Escapees


Second Place
39:04 Remaining
Team: Zacey


Third Place
37:54 Remaning

Team: Rohling Thunder

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