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The Speakeasy

In the Speakeasy Escape Room, you and your gang are caught running contraband into the city. In order to avoid the slammer, you are forced to help take down the most notorious mob boss in town. There is a new district attorney in power, and he is determined to take back his city! Your crew are just the people he needs to be his inside informants. Your task is to gain access to Big Monty's hideout, figure out who is 5 accomplices are for the next big score, and escape before your true identities are discovered! Do you have what it takes to bring down the mob and become the heroes of your city? This room is also very non-linear, meaning there are several fun puzzles that everyone can do in no particular order!

Max # of players: 8

Difficulty: 7/10

Completion Rate 45%

Wheelchair Accessible


Current record:  
1st Place
Team: The OG's

33:04 remaining


2nd Place
Team: Becky's Buckaroos
29:40 remaining

IMG_5883 (1).jpg

3rd Place
Team: Jackie's Batch
28:10 remaining

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